Collect, record, and deposit all revenues, payments, and fees.
Review and pay all bills, invoices, and liabilities of the Township.
Collect, record, and deposit revenue for the East End Fire Company. Review and pay bills submitted by them. Provide them with reports, reconciliation, etc.
Execute payroll operations for all employees of the Township. Track mandatory withholdings and forward those revenues to the relevant taxing authorities and or organizations (AFSCME, PMRS, etc.)
Develop and maintain a budget for the Township and the segments within; Police Department, Street Department, Administrative/Legislative.

Reconcile and otherwise maintain all Township financial accounts.
Prepare and submit all monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to local, state, federal authorities, as well as other required non-financial reports.
Schedule, coordinate, assist, and participate in the several mandatory audits conducted annually.
Administer the health insurance plan for all eligible Township employees. Collect co-pay premiums from employees and retirees; file several mandatory reports In accordance with the Affordable care Act.

The township Treasurer serves as the Open Records Officer and will respond to all Right to Know Requests. Maintain all files as required for personnel, medical insurance, other insurance, financial records, other records.




Right to Know - PA Office of Records

You can review the complete policy for Mahoning Township, as it concerns the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law, here.

Additional information about PA Right to Know law is available from the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records and the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law.  Additionally, contact information for the Office of Open Records is found here:  OOR – Contact OOR (

The form which may be used to file a RTK request can be obtained here.

The completed request form should be submitted to the Open Records Officer either by traditional mail, fax, email or may be dropped off in person – information below:

Open Records Officer
849 Bloom Road
Danville, PA 17821
Fax: 570-271-3108