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Police Department

Driven by integrity, professionalism, teamwork, community & duty, the Mahoning Township Police Department is here to serve the public.

Message from the Chief

On behalf of the Mahoning Township Police Department, welcome to Department’s official website.  I encourage you to peruse our site which contains information about the Department and services we provide.  We recognize that community assistance is necessary to maximize our ability to carry out our mission and positively affect the quality of life for the citizens and guests of Mahoning Township.  I hope you find our website to be inviting and informative. Thank you for visiting us and please bookmark this page for future reference.

Frederick C. Dyroff, III
Chief of Police

New Parking Enforcement System

On Monday April 3, 2023 the Mahoning Township Police Department along with Security Services at Geisinger Medical Center will begin utilizing a new parking enforcement system through T2 UpSafety. The new parking enforcement system will make the parking enforcement process more efficient with less waste and easier payment options. The new tickets will resemble a “receipt” and will have a QR code, phone number, and a website printed on the ticket that can be accessed for payment. If you have any questions regarding the new parking enforcement system, please feel free to contact the Mahoning Township Police Department.

About Us

The Mahoning Police Department (MTPD) was established on October 5, 1954, with the primary purpose of providing safety for children at the Mahoning Township Consolidated School. Within a few months of its incorporation, the police department expanded to a full-time Chief of Police and a part-time patrolman. Both officers were available around the clock on an on-call basis effectively providing 24-hour police availability. Over time, the police department has grown along with the Township and expanded its responsibilities. The MTPD is now a full-time, full-service Police Department.

MTPD provides 24/7-hour police services to more than 5,000 residents. The area of primary jurisdiction includes approximately 10 square miles. Contained within the jurisdiction is Geisinger Medical Center, which is boasted to be the largest rural hospital in the world.

Mission Statement

The Mission of The Mahoning Township Police Department is to facilitate our fundamental duty to serve the public by safeguarding lives and property; protecting the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence or disorder. In carrying out this mission, we respect the constitutional rights of all.

Value Statement

A value that is paramount to the police profession.  Integrity produces an atmosphere of credibility.  Where integrity thrives, the diseased root of misconduct and corruption cannot take hold.

Our conduct and demeanor display the highest standard of personal and organizational excellence. Professionalism is dictated by concepts like courtesy, civility and the ability to deliver high standards of police services.

We value collaboration and diversity of thought.  We encourage growth and development – both on a personal and professional level, and understand that the team is always stronger than the individual.

We adhere to the contemporary standards of community policing and embrace each of the nine Peelian Principles. We acknowledge a symbiotic relation with the community we serve; and through this partnership we work cohesively to promote positive solutions to community concerns.

Our duty is to protect and serve the public, prevent crime and apprehend criminals. We obey the law and enforce it unconditionally and do not swerve from our obligations.

Pay Your Parking Ticket

Search your ticket using ticket number or license number and easily pay online.

Services & Forms

The Mahoning Township Police Department offers a variety of services to residents, including fingerprinting, special event permitting, safety seat inspections, requests for information, and more. Learn more about services and request forms here.

Child Safety Laws in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania law requires any occupant younger than 18 to buckle up when riding in a vehicle, as well as drivers and front-seat passengers.  Children under the age of two must be secured in a rear-facing car seat, and children under the age of four must be restrained in an approved child safety seat.  Children must ride in a booster seat until their eighth birthday.

Car Seat Recalls

Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website to find out about car seat recalls and defects, register your child restraint system for future recall notification or to file a child restraint complaint.

Employment Fingerprinting

The Mahoning Twp PD will conduct employment related fingerprints for a fee of $40. Fingerprinting is done through appointment during normal business hours. Please call ahead at 570-275-5611. Please note that this service is limited to the requesting agency’s willingness to accept “hard cards.”  Mahoning Twp PD will not honor “Livescan” submission requests. Most state licensing, child abuse clearances, etc. must be done through “channelers” approved by the FBI and managed by the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP). Information about fingerprints required for licensing can be also be found here.

Criminal History Record Information (CHRI)

The Mahoning Township PD maintains criminal history information on all people arrested by for a crime who have subsequently been fingerprinted as a result of the arrest.  We do not possess CHRI generated from arrests by any other law enforcement agency.  To obtain CHRI generated and maintained by the Mahoning Township PD, please download, carefully read, complete and submit this form.

Special Event Permit

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact an officer?

For emergencies, dial 911. For non-emergencies during normal business hours, dial 570-275-5611. For non-emergency dispatch, call 570-784-6300.

Can I obtain a criminal investigative report?

As a general rule, requests for criminal investigative information and reports will not be honored. They are protected from public release under Pennsylvania Title 18, Chapter 91 (Criminal History Records Information Act) and Pennsylvania’s Right To Know Law. Crime victims are eligible to received limited, redacted reports to satisfy insurance related claims. Requests for this information should be made in person.

How do I obtain a dumpster permit?

Any person who desires to place any large bulk container, commonly known as a dumpster, on a street or other public right-of-way in Mahoning Township obtain a permit from the Mahoning Township Police Department. The permit can be obtained by visiting the Police Department and paying the applicable fee.

Does Mahoning Police Department do "house checks"?
Yes. Please go to our ‘forms and services’ tab and complete the online form, or visit the station.
How do I get a disability parking placard?

The rules for Disability Parking Placards and Plates are dictated by The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. You can find the appropriate information by visiting the following link: disability parking information.

Can Geisinger Security issue parking tickets?

Mahoning Township, through ordinance, has authorized Geisinger Medical Center Security Officers to enforce parking regulations on the campuses and property of Geisinger Medical Center. The parking tickets are then processed by the police department.

How do I get a copy of an accident (crash) report?

Go to the ‘services and forms’ portion of our website and click on the crash reports link, or visit CRASHDOCS.ORG. You will need to know the accident date, name of an involved party.

How can I obtain my or another person’s criminal history record information?

Go to the ‘services and forms’ portion of our website and click on criminal history record information link.

Do I have to register my alarm?
All persons owning or operating an alarm system upon real property within the Township are required by ordinance to register their alarm system with the Police Department of the Township. Please visit the forms and services tab to do so electronically.
Is there an ordinance that governs "barking dogs"?

Yes. But before calling the police about a barking dog complaint, please take the time to read the ordinance which can be found here.

Does Mahoning Township Police offer training to groups who want to learn how to best prepare and respond to active shooter or killer events?

Yes. Officer Garon Fenstermaker is a certified instructor of civilian response to active killer events. To schedule a training, please email Officer Fenstermaker at