849 Bloom Road
Danville, PA 17821-1351

Phone: (570) 275-5521
Fax: (570) 271-3108

Municipal Building - 570 275 5521 
Extension 2 - Township Secretary
Extension 3 - Township Supervisors
    Bill Lynn - Chair
    TS Scott - Vice Chair
    Larry Robertson - Supervisor
    Molly Shultz - Supervisor
    John Whelan - Supervisor
Extension 4 - Street Department
Extension 5 - Dean VonBlohn - Zoning Officer
Extension 8 - Jim Dragano - Zoning Officer
Extension 6 - Water & Sewer Secretary
Extension 7 - Township Treasurer
Police Secretary - 570 275 5611

The Board of Supervisors encourages all residents to attend the public meetings held the second and fourth Monday of each month at 5:30pm at the Township building. Each public meeting provides for public comment when residents can ask questions, or voice concerns directly to the Supervisors and Department heads.

If you have a specific question for one of the Departments, you may email them directly using the contact form below.

  • Email is for convenience of communication with the Township. No official applications, requests or submissions may be submitted through email. Township officials will make reasonable efforts to respond to emails but may not be able to respond to all emails due to time and business restraints. Township officials cannot approve any application, request or submission via email.