• I hearby apply to the Mahoning Township Supervisors for a waiver under Article IX, § 211-55 of the Mahoning Township Sub-Division Land Development Ordinance. Please include a written statement: the statement shall include the following information:

    1. Location of the tract of land
    2. Present use of land for which the waiver is requested
    3. Present use of adjoining tracts.
    4. A brief description of the type and extent of the proposed activities
    5. An estimate of the total cost of modification to the property
    6. The hardship created if the strict provision of the ordinance is applied
    7. What provision of this chapter is unreasonable and what unique and undue hardship does it create if the mandatory requirements are required.

    (Attach your written reasons for requesting the waivers. Be specific! Indicate why you feel the waivers should be granted; attach a plan or sketch of your proposal to help illustrate the waiver being requested.)

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