Water Intrusion Mitigation

PROJECTS- Water Intrusion Mitigation

The Township has benefited from substantial residential, commercial, and institutional growth over the past 75 years. With that growth comes challenges of managing the impacts, specifically from stormwater. Recognizing those impacts, the Board of Supervisors has authorized Township Engineer LIVIC Civil to complete a large watershed assessment the areas north of Bloom Road, specifically the tributaries between Academy and Kaseville Roads. In short, our purpose is to diagnose the problems on a watershed perspective so that we can truly identify deficiencies and most accurately develop solutions or modify future storwmater requirements.

Our approach will be to review all old design plans that are available for previously completed land developments. We will inspect the field conditions and confirm the facilities are in place and operating as designed. This includes; confirming basin volumes are per design, outfall structures are operating, temporary erosion control systems have been removed, etc. The field inspection will also include a review of conveyance systems, specifically stream stability and accumulated sediment.

Following the field inspection we will review previously completed stormwater management designs for those specific land developments that have been permitted over the past 75 years and apply modern technologies to those designs. Using that information we will look for ways to improve each stormwater facility (detention basins, infiltration basins, rain gardens, swales, collection/conveyance systems, etc).

Last, we will identify areas where additional stormwater controls may be constructed. Previously approved subdivision had areas reserved for ‘open space’ or dedicated to the Township. Those areas may provide opportunities for additional stormwater control.

This study should serve as playbook for the future where we can plan our own projects, modify requirements for private sector investment, and use to better position ourselves for grant opportunities.