Bloom Road Pedestrian & Bicycle Lanes

Bloom Road has long been a major thoroughfare through the Township for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists. During the week busy motorists and daily walkers are on their way to work and appointments, children are getting on and off their school buses, and on weekends there is an increase in walkers, joggers and bicyclists.

All sharing a single roadway.

Our objective is to enhance both the Safety of all users and the overall Beautification of the road.

Some have thought a sidewalk might be added, but this would create issues with maintenance including snow removal for homeowners and businesses. Instead, we will utilize the existing right-of-ways, repaving the roadway to the edge of the right of way in order to add both pedestrian and bicycle lanes. This will make for ease of snow removal by the plows and routine maintenance by road crews.

Running from approximately Ardmore Avenue in the west to Prosseda in the east, the pedestrian lane will run along the north side of Bloom Road, the pavement will be stamped and painted to appear as red brick. The bicycle lanes will run on both the north and south sides of Bloom Road and be painted green, it will be further separated from the vehicle lanes with double painted lines and rumble strips.

Cross walks, appearing as red brick to match the pedestrian lane along with enhanced lighting will improve both the Safety and Beauty of Bloom Road while encourage eco-friendly modes of travel when possible.