For emergencies, dial 911.  For non-emergencies during normal business hours, dial 570-275-5611.  For non-emergency dispatch, call 570-784-6300.

Go to the ‘services and forms’ portion of our website and click on the crash reports link, or visit CRASHDOCS.ORG.  You will need to know the accident date, name of an involved party

As a general rule, requests for criminal investigative information and reports will not be honored.  They are protected from public release under Pennsylvania Title 18, Chapter 91 (Criminal History Records Information Act) and Pennsylvania’s Right To Know Law.  Crime victims are eligible to received limited, redacted reports to satisfy insurance related claims.  Requests for this information should be made in person.

Go to the ‘services and forms’ portion of our website and click on criminal history record information link.
Any person who desires to place any large bulk container, commonly known as a dumpster, on a street or other public right-of-way in Mahoning Township obtain a permit from the Mahoning Township Police Department.  The permit can be obtained by visiting the Police Department and paying the applicable fee.
All persons owning or operating an alarm system upon real property within the Township are required by ordinance to register their alarm system with the Police Department of the Township.  Please visit the forms and services tab to do so electronically.
Yes.  Please go to our ‘forms and services’ tab and complete the online form, or visit the station.

Yes.  But before calling the police about a barking dog complaint, please take the time to read the ordinance which can be found here.


The rules for Disability Parking Placards and Plates are dictated by The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.  You can find the appropriate information by visiting the following link: disability parking information

Yes.  Officer Garon Fenstermaker is a certified instructor of civilian response to active killer events.  To schedule a training, please email Officer Fenstermaker at Fenstermaker@mahoningtownship.org

Mahoning Township, through ordinance, has authorized Geisinger Medical Center Security Officers to enforce parking regulations on the campuses and property of Geisinger Medical Center. The parking tickets are then processed by the police department.