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New Timing on Stop Lights

On August 12, 2019 the Board of Supervisors voted to provide for the funding for retiming, lane extensions and re-striping costs and submitted via the Engineer to PENDOT for their approval as Bloom Road is State owned.

The Board of Supervisors congratulate the Township Engineer, Livic Civil and the Township Department of Streets & Infrastructure for the enhancements made to the intersection of Bloom Road and Academy Avenue.

Now new timing of the stop lights, combined with relocation of stop bar and extended length of turning lanes are designed to improve movement and further reduce congestion at this heavily trafficked intersection. This project required a detailed study, the procurement then of specialized cameras to accommodate for the extended turning lanes and the coordination with PENDOT who is responsible for Bloom Road.

Work continues towards more comprehensive improvements to the intersection designed to further improve flow and accommodate anticipated future increases in traffic.

These improvements come on the heels of recent repainting of crosswalks and installation of signs along Bloom Road by the Township Department of Streets & Infrastructure, just prior to the start of school this year.