Bald Top Road Update

At the public meeting held on June 10th, the Board of Supervisors acted on the following recommendations of the Township Engineer for boring and testing of Bald Top Road to provide the analysis necessary to determine the proper course of action for permanent repairs.

o Analysis and Design to be lead by Advantage Engineering, LLC.
o Recommend approval of Eichelberger’s for Boring Contractor o Recommend approval of Geo Instruments for installation of inclinometer ~ up to $12,000.
▪ Recommend use of inclinometer for min 2 months @ $2,500/month.
o Recommend approval of lab analysis for boring, up to $5,000.

The time frame for these items is approximately:
▪ Borings: 6/17-06/21 (1 week)
▪ Lab Analysis:6/24-07/12 (3 weeks)
▪ AE Analysis:7/15-08/02 (4weeks)

Once completed, work will begin on designing the method for the permanent repair.

Residents are reminded that Bald Top Road remains closed to all traffic except Police and Fire. Cameras may be set in place to monitor and fines levied for violations.
PENNDOT has now changed the traffic pattern of Route 11 due to the degrading condition of Bald Top Road above.

The Township will be coordinating with neighboring Valley Township to develop a cooperative agreement where Mahoning assists to ensure alternative access to the Bald Top Community through Valley Township remains accessible throughout inclement weather.

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