What is MS4, Mahoning Township, Danville PA


MS4 is a government initiative that requires municipalities of certain population density to implement a multi-faceted administrative approach towards water quality improvements as well as a quantitative requirement to reduce sediment run-off. Mahoning Township is required to implement structural improvements that will result in an annual reduction of 105,00 pounds of sediment in 5 years.

Last year, Mahoning Township worked with its engineer to develop a plan to accomplish the sediment reduction utilizing various means including retrofitting of retention ponds, installation of bio-swales, installation of hydrodynamic structures, and stream bank restoration.

Many of these efforts will be leveraged to improve other existing concerns such as localized flooding, standing water, etc., while addressing requirements of the MS4 permit. The cost of these efforts will be funded by maximizing efforts in various grants, public & private collaborations and planned budget set-asides.

Citizens of the Township can contribute to the goal as well. By doing small things like not blowing grass or leaves into the street that then pass into the street drains and taking steps to reduce yard erosion. We encourage you to check out the Township web site blog at mahoningtownship.org for future updates and suggestions on how you too can contribute.

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