The Township received from Danville Borough a 10% increase in water rates for 2019. This comes on the heels of a 10% increase for water and a 15% increase for waste water just last year; a 20% increase in water rates over two years.

Mahoning’s Water & Sewer Department is currently reviewing to determine if it might be feasible to propose to the Board of Supervisors that the increase be covered through the Township’s Water & Sewer Department reserves without having to pass the increase on to our rate payers; more to follow on this.

In a larger sense, this latest increase partially illustrates the Supervisor’s reasoning behind our sale to Suez. Danville’s multiple rate increases come without oversight by any entity and the Township has no influence in such decisions made by Danville’s Authority. Unlike our current situation, when the Township sale to Suez is completed in 2019, we have negotiated a time moratorium on rate increases and when Suez does eventually seek to raise rates, entities such as the PUC and OCA will provide oversight, along with a required period of public comment.

This is not to say that rate increases will never occur under Suez, or any private vendor, rather that any such desire to raise rates is, by law, met with required review by entities charged with the responsibility to ensure rate increases are justified and fair, and that the impacted rate payers have an opportunity to voice their concerns before-hand. This does not exist under the system of Water & Sewer Authorities as we currently have with Danville.

The board voted and unanimously approved to absorb the increase during the January 7, 2019 meeting.

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